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When will I get my card delivery, and how do I activate my card?

Whether you’re getting your Liv. card for the first time or you’ve requested a replacement card, it will be delivered to you within 5 working days (excluding Friday & Saturday).

Our courier partner Shipa will contact you to arrange the delivery. Remember to have your Emirates ID handy to receive your card!

To follow up on your card delivery, call Shipa on 800 SHIPA (800 74472) and track your delivery using your mobile number that’s registered with Liv.

Once you receive your new card, simply log in to your Liv. app > go to ‘Settings’> tap ‘Activate’. You’re all set! Can’t find the ‘Activate’ button on the app? Chat with us and we’ll help you further.

Help! I think someone has access to my account or card.

First, lock your card immediately by going to Settings & tapping the ‘Lock’ icon in the top right corner.

Next, change your password & secret questions in Settings.

If you’ve seen any suspicious transactions, chat with us and our team will help you.

I tried opening a Liv. account, but I get a message saying "Hi there! We're very sorry that we cannot serve your banking needs."

Oops! We're currently unable to open an account for you based on our internal policies.

I made a local transfer, but it hasn’t reached the other side yet.

Transfers to Liv., Emirates NBD, or Emirates Islamic accounts can take up to 2 working days (excluding Fri, Sat & bank holidays).

Transfers to other UAE bank accounts can take up to 3 working days (excluding Fri, Sat, & Bank holidays).

If your transfer hasn’t reached the other side by the above timeframes, chat with us for help (pro tip: chatting with us earlier won’t get the money there faster!)

I’m expecting a local transfer to my Liv. account, but it hasn’t reached me yet.

If you’re expecting a transfer to your Liv. account and it’s been more than 3 working days (excluding Fri, Sat, & Bank holidays), simply ask the sender or sender’s bank for a SWIFT copy and send it to us through chat. This is what a SWIFT copy looks like.

:70:/REF/local transfer

Help! My account has been closed.

We regularly review our policies and reserve the right to close any account that doesn’t meet our policy requirements.

Before closing any account, we will send an email communication to the account holder’s email address registered with Liv. This email will tell you how long you have until the account is closed and advise you on next steps.

We strongly recommend withdrawing the full balance from your Liv. account (including Goal accounts), before your account is closed. You can withdraw it through a bank transfer or an ATM.

If your account is closed while your balance is less than AED 100, the amount will be forfeited.

If your account is closed while your balance is more than AED 100, your balance will be debited and issued to you as a Manager’s Cheque and delivered by Empost. There’s a fee of AED 30 (+VAT) for issuing the Manager’s Cheque.

To follow up on your Manager’s Cheque delivery, simply call Empost on 600 565 555 and track your cheque using your mobile number registered with Liv.

Once you receive your Manager’s Cheque, simply deposit it into any UAE bank account in your name, to get your funds.

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