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Interest breakdown

Category Eligibility Interest rate % p.a
Transfer your Salary to Liv Minimum salary > 10K AED 1%
Primary Account Balance Minimum balance > 30K AED 0.5%
Credit Card spends Spends > 2.5K AED 0.75%
Debit card spends Spends > 2.5K AED 0.25%
Remittances, Transfers, Bill Payments Minimum 3 payments/transfers 0.25%
Personal Loan Taking a personal loan 0.25%
Total 3.00%


  • Interest is capped at AED 2000 per month
  • Customers need to maintain a Monthly Average Balance of AED 30,000 or transfer a salary of AED 10,000 in the month to be eligible for the interest payout in the month.
  • Rate of interest on Liv Account is subject to change from time to time at the discretion of Liv and/or in accordance with directives from UAE Central Bank.
  • Interest will be calculated on the daily available balance or as directed by UAE Central Bank.
  • Interest will be credited to customer account monthly
  • All the mentioned interest rates are at annual basis. (Per annum)