Important Information

The credit card(s) requested will be made available at the discretion of the Bank. If the Bank does not approve this application, it will notify you in accordance with applicable law.

Each credit card has different features and conditions which you need to be aware of, including the rewards and fees. More information on each card, and any additional terms and conditions which apply, can be found on our website (Liv. Credit Card features | Liv. - Digital Lifestyle Banking) (“Special Features”).

The credit card(s) and related services by the Bank subject to the terms of this application together with the Special Features and the Bank’s General Terms and Conditions for Consumer Banking Products (as may be amended from time to time, the “General Terms”).

Warning: The Bank recommends that you carefully read this application, Special Features, the Key Facts Statement and the Bank’s General Terms before submitting this application and contact the Bank should you have any questions. In particular you must keep any credit card safe and must inform the Bank if it is lost or misplaced. In addition, you must be aware that if you only make the minimum repayments each statement period, you will pay more interest and it will take longer to pay off the outstanding balance.

You are entitled to cancel the application to obtain the credit card(s) within five (5) Business Days of signing / accepting this document (“Cooling-off Period”) and the Bank cannot process the application until this period expires and you may need to resubmit this document. You should take time to consider the application, but you do have the right to waive the Cooling-off Period by ticking the box below.

  I agree to waive my right to a “cooling off” period of 5 business days, so that my credit cards can be immediately processed and understand that by waiving the cooling-off period the terms and conditions of the credit cards will be immediately binding on me/us.

  I acknowledge receiving the Key Facts Statement (KFS), and have also read and understood the KFS at the time of signing / accepting the application/offer document available on the website (Cards > Liv Credit Card > Key Facts Statement)

  I acknowledge that the interest rate, fees and costs are subject to change which I/We will check within the Schedule of Charges and Key Facts Statement on a regular basis.

  I have read, understood, acknowledge and accept the Bank’s General Terms available on its website (Terms and Conditions | Liv Ahead – UAE’s #1 Digital Bank) as amended from time to time.


By signing / accepting and submitting this application, I/we apply to the Bank for the credit card(s) set out in this application. In doing so I/We:

a)confirm that all the information furnished by me/us in this application is true, complete and accurate in all respects and that I/We have not wilfully withheld any material fact and will immediately inform the Bank if there are any material changes to this information;

b)agree that the Bank may communicate and contract with me/us electronically through any means as the Bank may make available, all of which shall be binding on me/us;

c)acknowledge that the Bank has the right to amend the Special Features, the terms and conditions of the credit cards and the Bank’s General Terms by notice in writing in accordance with applicable law.

d)agree that any rewards which may apply to a credit card are subject to the Special Features, including terms and conditions from third parties providing the rewards;

AECB Check

By continuing, you agree to waive your right to a “cooling off” period of 5 business days, so that your account and debit card can be immediately processed.

Affordability Assessment

I understand and agree that the Bank will determine, using their internal policies and systems, my ability to afford this credit facility, given the information I have provided on my income, financial obligations, personal details, bank account statements, etc., and that which the Bank itself obtains from the Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB)/ other credit/service providers and /or entities and/or government agencies.

Data Privacy

I agree that Liv will use and share my personal data as per Liv Data Privacy Notice(Privacy Policy | Liv Ahead – UAE’s #1 Digital Bank)

By continuing, you agree to all the above mentioned terms and conditions.