Liv Personal Loan Key Facts Statement (KFS)

Liv Personal Loan helps to fulfil your financial needs This product is an installment loan. This KFS provides you with indicative information about interest, fees and charges of this product.

Product Information

Product Type Liv Personal Loan
Maximum Finance Up to AED 200,000
Loan Period Customer must be an existing Liv Account holder between 21 – 65 years of age. Customer must be employed, with a minimum of 3 months length of service with the current employer.
Applicant must be a Liv salaried customer, with a minimum salary of AED5,000+ for at least 3 consecutive months.
Loan Repayment Your loan repayment is in Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) and is fixed for the entire loan period. EMI is calculated by adding the principal loan amount and total interest and dividing this total by the loan period in months.
Currency AED

Key Fees and Charges

One time Processing Fee 1% of final loan amount (min. AED 500 and max AED 2500)
Interest Rate (indicative) 8.99% on reducing balance per annum. The rate of interest is fixed throughout the tenure and will remain unchanged for the loan period.
Early Settlement / Foreclosure Fee 1% of outstanding amount (max AED 10,000)
Partial Settlement Fee 1% of payment made (max AED 10,000)
Late Payment Fee AED 52.5 (inclusive of VAT) is billed only when the monthly repayment is not received in full by the due date.

Representative Example of Interest Calculation for Liv Personal Loans

Loan Amount AED 50,000
Interest Rate per annum 8.99%
Loan Tenure 24 months
Interest Amount AED 4,816 total interest (AED 201 monthly) (Calculated based on total loan tenure) Total loan amount (50,000) x Interest Rate (8.99% / 24 months)

Important Links

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Additional Information

  • The loan amount you are eligible for and the interest rate offered may differ from the representative example shown above. This will depend on your credit profile and affordability assessment done by the Bank.
  • The processing of your application leading to the disbursal of the loan may take up to 10 business days from the time Bank receives complete and accurate information and documentation.
    • All interest charges applicable are calculated from the date of loan disbursal. This will also apply in the case of a deferred First Payment Date.
    • Bank may debit the Customer’s account with any charges, expenses, or commission payable against the banking services rendered in accordance with the approved and announced banking charges and commissions, as notified to the Customer from time to time.
  • In case you fail to fulfil your obligations as per the Terms and Conditions, before and during your relationship with us, there will be consequences including, but not limited to penalties.
    • The Bank reserves the right to amend the Bank’s General Terms and Conditions for Consumer Banking Products (including any relevant applications and documents) by notice to you in accordance with applicable law.
    • We do not charge interest on accrued interest.
    • You can contact the Bank for any enquiries, assistance or complaints by visiting its website [] or by logging into the Liv app.
    • The cooling-off period allows you to cancel the product within five (5) business days of signing the application and the Bank will not be able to proceed until this period expires, unless you waive this right. To cancel within this period you must give the Bank notice.


If you do not meet the monthly repayment on your loan, your account will go into arrears and incur late payment fee.

When you miss repayments, this could affect your credit score and limit your ability to access loan/financing in the future.

When you refinance your loan or avail installment deferments, it may take longer to pay off than your previous loan. It may also result in paying more interest.

Any other accounts you have with the Bank may be used to set off against amounts owed under your personal loan

The personal loan facility may be withdrawn by the Bank at any time, and you must repay the Bank all outstanding on your account upon demand.
     ● You are required to provide the Bank with copies of your updated documents at all times. Not providing these documents might result in the charges, transactions being restricted, account being blocked or account being closed.
     ● The Bank may apply any credit balance which is held in the Customer’s name in any Account and/or at any branch of the Bank towards any indebtedness or amounts due.