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International transfers

Send money across the world 24/7 with just few clicks. Liv is designed to simplify international transfers and provide you more control over transactions. Track, manage and initiate payments effortlessly from anywhere, at any time.

What countries can I send money to? What are the fees?

Click here for the list of countries & amount limits for each country.

Fees for sending money overseas:

  • Enjoy free remittances till February 2024 (effective from 1st Dec, 2023)
  • UK is AED 10 (+ VAT)
  • Any other country is AED 20 (+VAT).

GRR! I made a transfer but it hasn’t reached the other side yet

It generally takes up to 5 working days (excluding Fri, Sat, Sun and bank holidays.)

If it’s been more than 5 working days, simply chat with us for help (we’re sorry to say this, but chatting with us earlier than 5 working days won’t get the money there faster!)

I made a transfer, but it’s not reflecting in my app.

Don’t stress! Your transfer will reflect in the app 24 hours after you send it.

I’m expecting a transfer to my Liv account but it hasn’t reached me yet

It generally takes up to 10 working days (excluding Fri, Sat, Sun and bank holidays) to receive an international transfer and depends on the sender and sender’s bank.

If it’s been more than 10 working days, simply ask the sender or sender’s bank for a SWIFT copy and send it to us through chat. This is what a SWIFT copy looks like:

XYZ Company
Square mall
:70:WID 4086171

Help! I want to stop a transfer from going through

If you’ve entered invalid details while making a transfer, the money will be returned to your Liv account within 7 working days. Any exchange loss due to invalid details will be borne by you.

If you’ve accidentally sent money to the wrong person, we’ll do our best to help you out. Simply chat with us in the app.

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