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Achieve your biggest dreams

The Liv Goal Account is here to make saving easy and lucrative for your upcoming milestones.

  • Get up to 2% interest per annum
    Earn as you save and reach your goals faster
  • Set and forget
    Automatic transfers that need no intervention
  • Set multiple goals
    Create as many as you need
  • Creative rules
    Choose how you want to save
  • Manage easily
    Keep a tab on the progress at the click of a button
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Your goals, your rules

Choose a setting that works best for you

  • icon Set & Forget - Set automatic rules where you save a fixed amount every day, week, or month
  • icon Spend & Save -Deduct a set amount every time you swipe your Liv card
  • icon One-shot Saving - Move money from your main Liv account, as a one-off reserve
  • icon Pay Yourself First - Save a fixed amount whenever you receive money in your main Liv account
  • icon Spend Less - Set a budget amount for a specific period, and save whatever money you don’t spend
  • icon Target Day Saving - Set a target amount to save by a specific date, and we’ll tell you how much you need to deduct each day to reach your goal
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