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Debt Management

Are you struggling financially?

If your circumstances have changed and you can’t pay your loans or mortgage, reach out to us

Let us help you through tough times

We understand that circumstances can change and that this can sometimes affect your financial wellbeing and capacity to repay your dues. If you’re struggling with your personal loan, auto loan, home loan or credit card payments, please reach out to us. We’re here to support you.

Our team will help you with tailor-made solutions taking into consideration your changed circumstances. We can make your repayment schedule manageable so you can settle your debts over an acceptable and agreed time period.

It’s important to take things in hand as soon as possible as non-payment and late payment of dues will result in accumulation of monthly charges and this can also affect your credit history with the Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB). On the other hand, timely payments will help maintain your credit score and avoid any further impact to your credit worthiness.

Please note that as per UAE Central Bank regulations, we are obligated to report all the accounts under debt to AECB.

How you can reach us

In case you have any collection queries and wish to talk to us, please reach out to our team using one of the ways below. We'll be happy to discuss all your debt issues and offer debt counseling so you can manage your liabilities better.

  • In-app chatbot
  • Call Centre
  • Whatsapp Banking

We’ll get in touch within 3 working days.

Financial literacy

We've put together a series of articles on our Liv Blog pages to help you learn how to put your money to the best possible use and make responsible financial decisions. 

Find out more on how to be financially wise here

Understand your expenses

Analyze your finances and restructure your spending to see how you can save more and clear your debts faster.

Fees and charges

Your fees and charges will be based upon your banking package and the products you hold. Click on the links below to learn more:


Can I reduce my debt burden ratio?

Yes you can, by paying off your debt.

What can increase my debt burden even if I don’t borrow anymore?

A higher cost of borrowing can increase your debt burden ratio. Informal sources or lenders can often charge high rates of interest which can take your debt burden ratio up.

What hurts my credit score the most?

Missed payments, bounced cheques, having too many credit cards and loans, using your entire credit limit are all factors that will hurt your score.