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Work from home is here to stay. Here’s how you can make it work for you

How To Be Efficient When Working From Home

By now most of us are used to working from home, this new “normal” to stay away from the office. Though some would argue that it’s easier, many would say it’s been more challenging to WFH, and they feel burnt out or overwhelmed! We’ve put together 8 tips on how to help your work (and mind) to flow better while working from home:

Plan your day

Something WFH people started to master well is the planning process of the day. I think it’s safe to say that most of us know it’s no longer as easy as walking over to your colleagues’ desk with questions. Try to start your day with a catch-up call to find out what needs to be done, when and by who (or maybe plan your upcoming day or week ahead.) Just because you’re not physically there in an office doesn’t mean that work can’t be efficient. A good plan can really work like magic!

Avoid the “CC disease”

This one goes out to EVERYONE in any team. Sending every email to everyone at work may seem like a good idea to get people involved, but the risk of important emails being lost, unread or, in the worst case, deleted is enormous when the inbox is filled. Be frugal in adding recipients and be clear about what you expect to happen after an email. "Who owns the question" becomes extra important when the work takes place in one's own chamber.

Enjoy being your own boss

Many of us miss the feeling of being in an office and hearing live voices, the drill of physical meetings, or people enjoying meals together in the pantry., But in all honesty it’s also a great luxury to be able to control what you want to listen to when you’re working. Turn on music if you want, let the TV sounds be a company or keep it quiet. There are no limits at home and you’re the one to decide it all.

Dress to impress (or don’t)

Many people believe that you should still dress up, even when working from home. But, everyone is different and you know yourself best. Does it make you feel better when you dress up or are you more comfortable in sweat pants and a hoodie? Maybe the dress-down Thursdays can be replaced with a dress-up Mondays to perk you up? The choice is always yours… unless you’ve got a video call, of course.

Turn on the camera during meetings

Speaking of video calls, we know that communication can be a challenge when you’re not able to actually see each other (can’t underestimate the role of body language). Which is why turning on your camera could add so much, both to you and your colleagues! And by the way, most people only care about how they look anyway, so you don’t need to feel nervous. Try it next time!

Clean - but at the right time

Do you find it difficult to get work done if the laundry is not folded or when there’s a pile of dishes in the sink since breakfast? Does it feel like there isn’t enough time to wash the pan AND get the report out? Well, you’re not alone. But, you’ve got to let everything have its time. Before going to bed, try making sure everything’s clean and in the right place, so you don’t have to start the next day with cleaning. And sometimes, it's actually okay to ignore those dishes for a while or simply sit in another room.

Recreate social life

One thing we truly miss and can sometimes easily lose is the social life we had with everyone around us. Try to recreate it through virtual coffee breaks, schedule in a virtual lunch with colleague (and catch up on life beyond work) or take a walk while having your team huddle. Having a hard time? Talk to someone and share your worries. You’ll be surprised how many would be feeling the same way or would be willing to simply hear you out.

Go home

When working from home, many of us could lose sight of the clear boundaries between working hours and personal life. We’re here to tell you that there’s a trick; just decide to go home! Even if you’re already there, just simply shut down your computer and quit. The drive to and from work would have normally helped create that space but it’s harder to draw that line when you’re just at home. Try a quick 10 minutes workout or get up and go for a run or anything else that helps you move your mind from one space to the other.