Terms & Conditions and AECB Report Consent

In consideration of Emirates NBD Bank (P.J.S.C) (the ''Bank'') agreeing to make available a Liv Young supplementary card (''Liv Young Card'') to you (the ''Liv Cardholder'' or the ''Verified Liv Account''), you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions (the ''Liv Young Terms and Conditions''):

1. The Terms and Conditions for Liv (https://www.liv.me/en/privacy) (“Terms & Conditions”) are applicable to the Liv Young Card. Terms defined in the Terms and Conditions for Liv have the same meaning in these Liv Young Terms and Conditions.

2. The Liv Cardholder shall be fully liable to the Bank and shall assume complete responsibility for all transactions, charges and other liabilities incurred on the Liv Young Card and agrees to indemnify and hold the Bank harmless against all claims, actions, proceedings, costs, damages, expenses and losses, arising out of the use of the Liv Young Card and/or breach of any Terms and Conditions and the LIV Young Terms and Conditions.

3. In addition to the aforesaid, and as a separate undertaking, the Liv Cardholder shall be fully liable to the Bank for all charges and other liabilities incurred by the Liv Cardholder and/or the Liv Young cardholder (''Liv Young Cardholder'') notwithstanding any legal disability or incapacity of the Liv Young Cardholder.

4. The undertakings, liabilities and obligations of the Liv Cardholder to the Bank and the Bank’s rights shall not be affected in any way by any dispute or counterclaim or right of setoff which the Liv Cardholder and the Liv Young Cardholder may have against each other.

5. Upon the occurrence of a breach of either the Terms and Conditions for Liv and/or these Liv Young Terms and Conditions, the Bank may in its absolute discretion commence an action or proceedings against the Liv Cardholder.

6. The validity of the Liv Young Card is dependent upon the validity of the account of the Liv Cardholder (the ''Liv Account'') and the card of the Liv Cardholder (the ''Liv Card''). Upon termination of the Liv Account or the Liv Card, for whatever reason, the Liv Young Card(s) shall also be terminated. Termination of a Liv Young Card by itself shall not terminate the Liv Account or the Liv Card..

7. Liv Young Cardholder debit limits would be same as that of Liv Cardholder debit limits (as mentioned in below table) and subject to balance the primary cardholder allocates to account which supplementary card is linked.

Limits Value
Online spending limit 50,000
Point of service spending limit 50,000
ATM cash withdrawal limit 10,000

8. Liv Young is an optional mobile based digital proposition that allows parents and guardians to open a savings account for their children and wards with a minimum age of 8 years and maximum of 18 years. The account will be opened through the main Liv platform by either the parent or guardian who will continue to be the primary owner of the relationship. Day to day account operations will be carried out by the designated child or ward through the Liv Young mobile app with ongoing supervision and monitoring being carried out by the parent or guardian through the main Liv app. The Liv Young account will only be available to be opened for children who are residents of the UAE.

9. Liv Young Cardholder onboarding process would be initiated by Liv Cardholder from application. As part of onboarding process the Young Emirates ID will be verified and parent would set the credentials (young email as user name and a unique password).

10. Liv cardholder(parent) will have access following debit card functions: a. Liv Young Card activation; b. PIN activation; c. PIN reset; and d. Replacement and/or issuance of a Liv Young Card debit card

11. Liv Young card holder to have access to below financial and non financial services from their Young application a. Task/Chores actions - Set tasks for the child to achieve and provide appropriate rewards as pocket money b. Young app biometric set up (touch and face ID) – Young can access their application with password set by their parent or through set up of biometrics (touch or face id ) by them c. Payments – Bill payments and social transfers which are authenticated via OTP sent to their parent registered mobile number d. Goal accounts -Ability to set up specific goals that the child would like to save towards, such as buying a computer or celebrating an occasion, and track progress e. View on financial summary - Spend analytics by type of merchant as well as category of spend, so as to understand usage, learn about budgeting as well as manage outgoings

12. The following charges will apply to the Liv Young Card:

Monthly Fees
Individual Plan - AED 5
Family Plan - AED 10
Free for Liv Prime Members
Liv Young Card AED 25
Closure Fee None

LIV Card Holder