Charge up your Livions!

Livions are loyalty points you earn when interacting with the Liv. app or using your Liv. Debit card.
Use Liv. more to charge up your Livions!

Your livions will expire after 90 days of the issuance date.

Action Livions per action Max. Livions
First login of the day 2 2/day
Average monthly balance 1 per AED 500 Unlimited
Pay using Liv. card 3 9/day
Pay a bill 2 20/month
Social Transfer 1 2/month
International Transfer 4 Unlimited

*Livions for using your card and the below one-time livions will be given monthly, by the 15th of the following month.

One-time bonus Livions
Action Livions per action
Activate your Liv. debit card 5
Set up your first Goal Account 5
Fund Liv. your account for the first time 10
Use your Liv. debit card for the first time 20
Update your address 5
Scan your Emirates ID 5
Scan your Passport 5
Scan your Visa 5