Emirati Goal Account –
All you need to know

1) What is an Emirati Goal Account?
A Savings Account where UAE nationals are eligible for an additional 0.25% interest p.a. on their Emirati goal account balances.

2) What is the difference between a regular Goal Account and an Emirati Goal Account?
An Emirati Goal Account is identical to a regular Goal Account in terms of features and rules. By creating an Emirati Goal Account, UAE nationals are eligible for additional 0.25% interest on their balances.

Balance Interest credited (monthly) Interest credited(every 6 months) Total interest
0-5K 0% 0% 0%
5-15K 0.5% p.a +0.25% p.a 0.75% p.a
15-30K Spends > 1% p.a +0.25% p.a 1.25% p.a
30K-50K Spends > 2% p.a +0.25% p.a 2.25% p.a
50K-500K Spends > 2% p.a +0.25% p.a 2.25% p.a
500K-2M Spends > 1.25% p.a +0.25% p.a 1.5% p.a
2M+ Spends > 0.5% p.a +0.25% p.a 0.75% p.a

4) Interest rules
-As always there is no restriction on withdrawing funds from your account, however you will be eligible for additional interest only when your funds when saved in the account for 6 consecutive months. In case you want to withdraw earlier, you will still be eligible for the regular Goal Account interest.
-Additional interest will be credited to your Emirati Goal Account at the end of every 6 months
-Additional interest will be calculated on your Goal Account Balances from June 1st 

5) How to create an Emirati Goal Account?
-UAE nationals can go to Goal Accounts under the products tab of your Liv. app
-Select the Emirati Goal account card
-Create your Goal Account and start saving

6) Savings rules
Savings rules remain the same as a regular Goal Account.
You can easily set up your Emirati Goal Account using any combination of these rules
-Set and Forget: Set up automatic rules where you save a fixed amount every day, week, or month
-Spend and Save: Save a set amount every time you swipe your Liv. card
-One-shot Saving: Move money in from your main Liv. account, as a one-off saving
-Pay Yourself First: Save a fixed amount whenever you receive money in your main Liv. account
-Spend less: Set a budget amount for a specific period, and save whatever you don’t spend
-Target Day Saving: Set a target amount to save by a specific date, and we’ll tell you how much you need to save each day to reach your goal.

7) How many Emirati Goal Accounts can be created?
As always, you can create as many Emirati Goal Accounts as you like.

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