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Multiply Your Savings with Liv Digital Bank's Money Ahead FD

Growing your money requires a long-term commitment. To ensure steady growth, experts advise spreading funds across high, medium, and low risk products. For beginners, starting with low-risk options like government bonds, mutual funds, and fixed deposits is always a wise choice. Our Goal Account and Bonus Multiplier Account are also worth considering.

The Liv Digital Bank Money Ahead Fixed Deposit is one-of-a-kind. Experience the highest upfront market returns with a 120-day term deposit, enabling dependable wealth growth. Starting at just AED 10,000, you can enjoy an unbeatable 4% p.a. return on savings plus a host of exclusive benefits.

An exceptional product in its league, here's how the Liv Money Ahead Fixed Deposit packs a punch:

Upfront Interest of 4%

Our Fixed Deposit Account's most thrilling feature is its upfront 4% p.a. interest rate. Unlike traditional accounts that pay interest at the end of the term, we provide instant returns on your investment. This upfront interest payment enables you to have greater liquidity and access to funds, whether for emergencies or additional investment opportunities.

Attractive 120-Day Tenure

Our Fixed Deposit Account offers a reasonable tenure of 120 days, providing you with a good period to grow your savings. This tenure strikes the perfect balance between short-term liquidity needs and the desire to earn higher returns on your investment.

Low Entry Point

We believe in inclusiveness, and that's why our Fixed Deposit Account starts with a minimum deposit of only AED 10,000. No matter your income or goals, you can utilize this opportunity to maximize your money's potential.

Guaranteed Returns and Security

With our Fixed Deposit Account, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with guaranteed returns. Market fluctuations won't affect your investment, ensuring stability and security during uncertain times. We prioritize the safety of your funds, ensuring that your money is in trustworthy hands.

Flexible Renewal Options

After the 120-day period, you can choose to renew your Fixed Deposit Account for a new term or withdraw your funds. You can assess your finances and decide to reinvest returns or use funds differently, thanks to this flexibility.

Giving you the best of both security and returns, the Money Ahead Fixed Deposit is a product worth investing in. With the option to access funds as needed, this account offers the freedom to achieve your financial goals.

So don't hesitate, take the step, and pave your way to a prosperous future. Subscribe to our Money Ahead Fixed Deposit today and maximise your savings!

If you wish to know more about our products, feel free to visit our website.