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Achieve Your Financial Goals with Liv’s Goal Account

The Liv Livionaire Account: Your Ticket to 1 Million Dirhams

Presenting Livionaire by Liv Digital Bank, powered by Emirates NBD. If you are looking for a bank account that offers a mix of financial growth and exciting opportunities, read on. 

If you're looking for a bank account that transcends the ordinary, we have just the proposition for you.

At Liv Digital Bank, we always strive to create innovative products that fuse everyday banking with aspirational value. Products that meet and exceed your expectations so as to deliver an unparalleled banking experience. The Livionaire Account is a testament to this drive.

Imagine a bank account that is not just a repository for your hard-earned money but a gateway to unprecedented possibilities.


The Livionaire Account is more than a bank account; it's your ticket to the future of your dreams. Simply put, this account gives you an opportunity to win AED 1,000,000 and other incredible rewards. It not only secures your wealth but propels it with an unparalleled chance to win huge.

Let's delve into the details of this extraordinary account and how to be a Liv millionaire winner.

The Golden Ticket – Win 1 million Dirhams

The primary feature of this bank account is a chance to win this massive jackpot. Now, how often do you come across a bank account that gives you the chance to win 1 million dirhams? The prospect of such a windfall may sound like a dream, but Liv Digital Bank has created this unique account to turn this dream into a reality. It's not a lottery; rather a unique banking feature that combines financial security with the excitement of a potential jackpot.

A chance to double your deposits

At the end of each month, through the duration campaign, one lucky winner will get his/her Livionaire Account balance doubled. Capped at AED 100,000, this opportunity is no less a catch either. So, if you have saved AED 100,000 this month, you stand a chance to get that bumped up to AED 200,000.

Travel vouchers worth AED 1,000

Every week, 10 lucky winners stand a chance to win exciting travel vouchers. These vouchers can be availed against airfares, hotel accommodations, shopping, entertainment and more across our partner brands globally.

Up to 3% interest advantage

Being a savings account fundamentally, the Livionaire Account doesn’t skimp on the returns on your investment. It offers a competitive up to 3% interest on your account balance, ensuring your money doesn't sit idle, rather grow consistently all the while. So, you can rest assured that whatever funds you deposit into this account, you will definitely be left with a substantially appreciated value at the end of the day.

How to qualify for this incredible opportunity?

The process of creating the account is fairly simple. To get an entry into the Liv millionaire contest though, you will have to maintain a minimum balance AED 5,000 across the campaign period. The key is to secure as many entries into the draw as you can, which essentially translates to the deposits you make into this account. The key steps include:

  1. Sign Up - To enrol into this mega draw, begin by signing up for a Livionaire account. Just head over to you Liv app, click on the Products tab and select Livionaire Account. Then fill out the requested details to complete the application!
  2. Transfer Funds – Once your account is ready, you need to begin making the transfers. These funds should not be from your existing Liv Accounts. You could either transfer funds online through another bank account or issue a cheque towards this account. The minimum deposit to get a ticket to this draw is AED 5,000.
  3. Add and Maintain Funds – Every additional AED 5,000 deposited through the duration of this campaign will secure you another ticket into the draw. So, if you have made a transfer of AED 20,000 in total throughout the campaign duration, you will secure 4 tickets to the mega draw.

This incredible campaign will be active from 15 January through 15 April 2024. Draws will be conducted at the end of each week, month, and post the completion of the campaign for the prizes.

Make your financial dreams a reality!

A unique and highly lucrative opportunity like the Livionaire Account only comes around once in while and as such you must seize it while you can. Offering a chance to win 1 million dirhams or double your account balance while your funds grow at a rate of up to 3% is undoubtedly a brilliant pathway to realizing your financial dreams.

So, are you ready to be a Livionaire?