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Post-Pandemic Tips For A Safe Travel

Planning a long overdue vacation? We got you covered! Although we have all felt the impact of the pandemic in different ways, a huge aspect of our lives has been disrupted: travel. However, as countries now ease their border restrictions, many of us will get the opportunity to do again what we once loved! Read below for our post-pandemic travel tips:

Rule Check

To avoid quarantine in many countries, you need to show certain documentation – this can include your vaccination certificate, proof of travel insurance, or booking confirmations for PCR tests upon landing. Proof of vaccination and travel insurance have become essential aspects of travel, and so you should make sure to check what documents your destination requires (whether through your airline, or the official government page). Don’t forget to carry your passport, Emirates ID and any other travel documents that will help you travel with ease (visa, declaration forms etc). The last thing you want is to be stranded away from home!

Staying safe

In terms of hygiene, we want to remind you that even though restrictions are easing, the pandemic is still ongoing. While this is the case, make sure to regularly sanitise, wear a mask, and continue to maintain a safe distance from others. Before choosing your holiday destination, it will also be worth doing some research to see how the pandemic is being dealt with in that region. Travel insurance is also becoming an increasingly important aspect of traveling abroad – this will keep you covered if a medical emergency arises.

Staying aware

Lastly, to stay safe and alert financially, make sure that you take good care of your wallet and credit cards. We’ve all heard stories of unpleasant experiences with tourists and pick pocketers, so it’s important to always stay aware. Liv’s phone app allows you to lock the card immediately in case of theft or misplacement, so we have you covered! For more information on how to stay safe, check out our blog post on “How to enjoy a risk-free holiday and keep fraudsters at bay”.

Pack, Pack, Pack

For some, packing is an exciting pre-holiday routine that gets us in the mood for the upcoming trip. But for others, it’s one of those tedious chores that we just want to get over with quickly! So, we have put together a few of the easiest packing tips and tricks for you:

  1. Roll your garments and other clothing items tightly to save space
  2. For everyone out there who might feel lazy about packing, use packing cubes to make your life easier!
  3. Place heavier items (like shoes) along the walls of your luggage, with bulkier items at the bottom. Your lightest items should be at the top of your luggage.
  4. Pack your cosmetics last – you don’t want to forget anything!

We wish you happy and safe travels for the holiday season! Stay safe and remember to keep taking precautions.