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Bonus Multiplier Account

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Bonus Multiplier Account?
It is an upgrade to your Savings/Current Account with Liv Bonus Multiplier offers enhanced interest rates and pre-decided banking benefits

2) How much interest can I receive if I upgrade to a Bonus Multiplier Account?
You can receive up to 2.75% interest on your Primary Account balance.
(Interest will be capped at AED 2000 per month)

Category Eligibility Interest rate % p.a
Salary Transfer Min. salary > 10K AED 1%
Primary Account Balance Min. balance > 30K AED 0.5%
Credit Card spends Spends > 2.5K AED 0.75%
Debit card spends Spends > 2.5K AED 0.25%
Remittances, Transfers, Bill Payments Minimum 3 payments/transfers 0.25%
Total 2.75%

3) What benefits will I get?
- Free DirectRemit
- Free local transfers
- Free World Credit Card (Free for the first year)
- Free Global ATM withdrawals
All fees will be reversed into your Primary Account

4) What are the Eligibility requirements?
1) Make Liv your Salary Account. Transfer a salary of AED 10K or more
2) Maintain a monthly balance of AED 30K+ across your accounts (Includes Goal Accounts)
Instant balance deposits or salary transfers will not reflect a segment upgrade immediately. Calculations for eligibility will be considered from 1st calendar day of every month.

5) What happens if I do not maintain the eligibility requirements?
Once you are upgraded to Bonus Multiplier, eligibility requirements must be met to continue receiving benefits. If you are unable to do so, there will be 90 calendar days provided to you to fulfill the requirements again. After completion of the 90-day period, if you are unable to meet the requirements, you will be downgraded to a regular Savings/Current Account.

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