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LIV Cash

Quick Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

What is Liv Cash?

It is an overdraft limit granted on your Liv primary account that allows you to withdraw money in an emergency, even when there are no funds / credits available in your account.

Who is eligible for an LIV Cash facility?

Only select customers will be entitled for this facility based on the communication received from the Bank. Customers who have not received the communication from the Bank will not be eligible for this facility.

What is the amount I can get as LIV Cash?

Customers will be eligible for an LIV Cash limit as stated in the communications sent to them by Liv Bank.

How do I utilize this amount?

The amount is made available in your account. It can be utilized through various modes such as ATM cash withdrawals, debit card purchases, online transfers, standing instruction payments, etc.

What is the validity of LIV Cash & when will my limit get renewed?

LIV cash validity is 12 months (from the date of setup). Based on the account performance and salary credits, the limit will be renewed after 12 months based on Liv Bank’s discretion.

Is there any interest on LIV Cash? How is it calculated?

The best thing about LIV Cash facility is that you will be charged interest only for the amount and the number of days it's used. In case you have not used the Overdraft amount granted, you will not be charged any interest.

For instance, your Overdraft limit is AED 10,000 and have utilized only AED 1,000 for 7days, at the rate of 12% p.a. (0.99% per month), you will be charged approximately AED 2.30 interest for that month. (AED 1,000 x 12% / 365days * 7 days)

How do I avail LIV Cash facility?

Based on the communication received from the Bank, you will be required to apply and accept the Terms and Conditions in your Liv App within the campaign duration, upon which LIV cash facility will be activated in your Liv App.

What documents are required to avail LIV Cash?

You do not require any documents to be submitted.

How to pay back the amount taken?

Once cash or salary is credited to the account, it will be considered as payment against LIV Cash facility.

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