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Money Ahead Deposits FAQs

1) What is a Money Ahead Deposit?

It is a term deposit account that provides you with upfront interest on the funds placed with us for a tenure of 120 days

2) How much interest will I get on my deposit?

Launch campaign

During the launch campaign of July ‘23 – September ’23, customers are entitled to get upfront interest of 4.0% p.a. on Fresh funds; Fresh Funds means new and existing fund which are not transferred from existing account(s), deposit(s) or loan(s) or finance(s) held with ENBD Group previously as of June 30th, 2023. All other deposits will earn upfront interest based on ENBD rack rates https://liv.me/banking/interest-rate .

Post campaign period

Customer is entitled to get upfront interest based on ENBD rack rates on all funds deposited into their ‘Money Ahead Deposit’

3) When will interest get credited?

With your ‘Money Ahead Deposit’, you are entitled to upfront interest. This means, you do not have to wait till the maturity of your term deposit to enjoy the benefits. Interest will be credited to your Primary Account within 5 working days.

4) What is the procedure for early closure of the term deposit?

Although we recommend depositing your funds for full term, you can always reach out to us if you change your mind. Chat with us to raise a request to withdraw your funds before maturity of your ‘Money Ahead Deposit’

In case of principal being withdrawn by the customer before maturity, interest will be as per rack rates prevailing on FD set up date, for elapsed tenor, less 1% p.a penal interest. Click here for prevailing rack rates https://liv.me/banking/interest-rate .

5) Can I partially withdraw my funds?

Partial withdrawal of your deposit is not available

6) What happens at maturity of my ‘Money Ahead’ deposit?

At the end of the 120 days, principal amount will be credited back to your Primary Account and your term deposit with Liv will be closed

7) How many ‘Money Ahead’ deposits can I create?

You can create as many term deposits as you like. Interest calculation for each term deposit will be calculated and credited independently.

8) What interest rate will I get if I move my funds from my Goal Account/Primary Account to a ‘Money Ahead Deposit’?

You will be entitled to interest as per ENBD rack rates https://liv.me/banking/interest-rate . Interest will be credited to your Primary Account within 5 working days

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