What Makes Liv Digital Bank Credit Cards The Best In UAE

If you’re new to the UAE, you’ll be surprised how much this region has to offer in terms of opportunities and lifestyle. If you’re not, you know it already. From shopping to entertainment and food, it’s a place bustling with plenty to do. And you don’t want to miss out on anything!

With a plethora of avenues to spend your money on (including your bills), you need a credit card that can offer more than just credit. One that can match up with your zeal for life.

Introducing the Liv credit cards; whether you are new to the credit world, looking for good rewards for the money you spend, or want to manage your money in a better way, our cards can be a game-changer for you.

Depending on your spending and your requirements, you can choose between:

  • World Credit Card
  • Platinum Credit Card

Here’s what each of them have in store*:


Platinum Credit Card

World Credit Card

Cashback per annum

Up to AED 12,000

Up to AED 18,000

1 Skywards Mile per AED



Global Airport Lounge Access

25+ airports

850+ airports

Free Reel Cinema tickets every month

Up to 2 tickets

Up to 3 tickets

Buy 1 get 1 free dining & lifestyle offers



10% off on Cleartrip flight bookings


10% off on Hotels.com discount


Annual fee


AED 700

*All fees are exclusive of VAT. If VAT is applicable, it will be chargeable and payable in addition to, and at the same time as, the above-mentioned charges. T&Cs apply.

What makes Liv Credit Cards unique?

1. Tailored to individual preferences

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all. Today, personalisation is what makes all the difference. As such, Liv Bank has crafted its credit cards to cater to the varying needs of today’s working professionals so they can do more of what they enjoy. Whether you're an avid traveller, a shopaholic, a techy, or a fitness enthusiast, Liv Bank has a credit card just for you.

2. Exceptional Rewards Programs

Our credit cards offer reward programs that include a host of exclusive deals and offers from 2000+ brands across shopping, dining, entertainment and more. Plus, generous cashbacks on spends that can either be retained and used for future purchases or redeemed as Emirates Skywards Miles.

You can earn cashbacks of up to AED 1,500 per month, or 1 Skywards Mile per AED spent, depending on their extent of use. What sweetens the deal even further is that you have the flexibility to switch between our reward programs at any time as per your needs and convenience. This allows our cards to adapt to your changing lifestyle needs thereby making it more value-adding.

3. Contactless Payments

In an era where convenience is paramount, this feature aligns perfectly with the fast-paced life in the UAE, making transactions seamless and hassle-free.

Liv credit cards can be easily added to your e-wallets, eliminating the worries that come with carrying (and misplacing/ loosing) a card. Which brings us to the next feature - security.

4. Robust Security Measures

Security is non-negotiable when it comes to our credit cards. And therefore, it’s taken very seriously. From encryption to real-time transaction monitoring and instant notifications for every transaction, Liv credit cards offer robust security features to safeguard you from potential threats and ensure a secure and protected experience.

And, in case you lose or misplace your card, you can block and unblock instantly through the Liv app. In other words, you can use the Liv Digital Bank credit cards with confidence, knowing that your financial well-being is in the safest hands.

5. Competitive Interest Rates

Navigating the financial landscape often involves managing credit responsibly. By offering fair and transparent interest rates, we are dedicated to ensuring using our credit cards remains cost-effective to customers. The service charges, however, are usually waived off beyond certain spend limits.

You can also avail our balance transfer feature to pay off other credit card bills or get a loan against the unused balance on your card if you need some quick funds. Our flexible payment plans allow you to pay back with ease thereafter.

6. Seamless Digital Experience

As the leading digital bank in UAE, ensuring a seamless digital experience is crucial. Through our state-of-the-art, user-friendly app, Liv Bank empowers you to manage your credit cards effortlessly.

From checking balances and transaction history to making payments and redeeming rewards, our advanced digital interface ensures that you have complete control over your financial activities at your fingertips.

That’s not all; our versatile can be your trusted companion wherever you go. Whether you're traveling for business or leisure, our credit cards offer you a reliable means of payment at the best exchange rates.

In conclusion

Through offering a user-friendly experience, a world of tailored offers and deals, lucrative and flexible reward programs, cutting-edge technology, and a steadfast commitment to security, our credit cards stand as one of the most rewarding in UAE. Whether you’re an ambitious professional or a modern globetrotter, our credit cards are here to empower you financially and wholly.