Cheque book

1. How do I apply for a cheque book?

Visit the products tab in the app and click on ‘Cheque Book’ to order it now!

2. Am I eligible for Cheque book?

If your salary is above AED10,000 and being transferred to your Liv account, you will be eligible for a cheque book!

3. How will the cheque book be delivered?

Our delivery partner will get in touch with you and arrange a delivery after you have successfully applied for cheque book in the app

4. Why was my cheque book request rejected?

Based on internal regulations and bank policies, bank retains the right to offer the service to select customers.

5. Will I be charged for the cheque book?

Your first cheque book will be free of cost! After that, each new cheque book will cost you AED 20+VAT. This will be debited automatically from your Liv account, so ensure you have sufficient funds in your primary account

6. How many leaves are in one cheque book?

All cheque books will have 10 leaves by default.

7. I received an email that my account is converted to current account.

You are only allowed to have a cheque book if you are a Current account holder. So, we will convert your account type from Savings to Current. But your account number, and app functionalities will stay the same. You can use your existing debit card exactly as it is, as well as ATM’s and CDM’s.

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