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Goal account

Our Goal Accounts are here to help you reach your next milestone!

Earn up to 4% interest p.a. and set up your Goal Account using any combination of these rules:

  • Set and Forget: Set up automatic rules where you save a fixed amount every day, week, or month
  • Spend and Save: Save a set amount every time you swipe your Liv card
  • One-shot Saving: Move money in from your main Liv account, as a one-off saving
  • Pay Yourself First: Save a fixed amount whenever you receive money in your main Liv account
  • Spend less: Set a budget amount for a specific period, and save whatever you don’t spend
  • Target Day Saving: Set a target amount to save by a specific date, and we’ll tell you how much you need to save each day to reach your goal.

See your savings history & activity for each Goal Account by scrolling down on each Goal.

You can create as many Goal accounts as you like, adjust your target amount, and you can move the money from your Goal Account to the Liv Account at any time.

Visit your Products page for “Goal Account”


Click here to find out about Emirati Goal Account. My Goals

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