USD Account

How can I open a USD account?

All Liv account holders are eligible for a USD account. Simply log into your Liv app > Products > USD Account > Apply Now and follow the steps.
Once your USD account is open, simply go to your Wallet page to transfer money between your USD and AED Liv accounts; and to perform other local and international transfers.
Click here to open your USD account

Yay! My USD account is open. What do I need to know?

Earn up to 0.75% on your USD account! See our rates below.

USD Account balance*

Interest rate

Below $5000


$5,000 – 24,999.99


$25,000 - 999,999.99


$1,000,000 & above


*This is calculated basis the monthly average balance, ending on last day of each month.
*The interest will be credited on 1st week of the next month.

Remember, we don’t yet have online USD payments available, but we’re working on it.

Get one bank statement in your app for all your Liv accounts together. Log into your app > Settings > Help center > Do it in the app. Or simply tap here

Local transfers between Liv USD account to USD/AED bank accounts.

Stay tuned! We are working hard to launching it soon.

International transfers between Liv USD accounts to foreign currency accounts

Stay tuned! We are working hard to launching it soon.

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