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Here’s Why the Liv App Will be Your Go-To Financial Tool

Here’s Why the Liv App Will be Your Go-To Financial Tool

It’s difficult to do without mobile banking applications today. And understandably so. With the ever-evolving technology, mobile banking apps are making it increasingly easier for individuals to manage their finances from anywhere in the world, at any time. From opening an online savings account, paying utility bills, applying for personal loans, to setting up automatic payments and budgets, and even investing, these apps enable customers to do almost anything related to their finances without visiting the bank physically.

But what if mobile banking apps could do more?

At Liv, we’ve worked on creating an app that brings together a world of benefits and opportunities that extend beyond the confines of everyday banking and money management. Through the Liv app we are able to deliver unparalleled digital banking experience to our customers.

Here are 6 features that make the Liv app the ultimate financial tool:

Seamless banking

From paperless account opening to quick and easy transfers, and hassle-free payments, the Liv app makes banking functions a breeze. Stay updated on your finances through prompt notifications or view your transaction history in just a few clicks. Adding payees/ beneficiaries or depositing cheques is just as easy. Hit a roadblock? Our highly responsive, 24X7 chat service are always on standby to guide you through.

Unique products & services

Our products are created with our customers in mind, therefore they’re practical and unconventional. Take for example our Goal account, which was designed to make saving easy through automated deductions. By simply creating goals that you wish to save for and setting rules that best suit you, the amount is deducted automatically in the set frequency with no intervention.

Or, our Bonus Multiplier Account, which gives customers a chance to earn a greater interest on their account balances and avail a host of premium perks if they have larger amounts sitting with us or choose to make Liv their salary account.

Our Liv Credit Cards are unlike any other too, offering excellent cashbacks and the option to choose loyalty programs that work best for your lifestyle. Not to mention the world of offers and deals that it provides across shopping, food, entertainment and more.

Easy to use services such as bill payments, splitting bills, credit card balance transfer options and more further add to the convenience that the Liv app has to offer. Have a look at our complete list of products and services.

Great returns

At the end of the day, we’d all like to put our money where the returns are the best. From a competitive 3% that customers can earn on their account balances through the Bonus Multiplier Account to a generous 2% on their Goal account savings and up to 15% monthly cashback on Liv Credit Cards, our products make sure your money grows.

Apply for any or all of our lucrative products or switch between them as and when you want from the Liv app in just a few taps. It’s that easy.

Flexible loyalty programs

If you’re using a Liv credit card, the Liv app allows you to choose and switch between reward programs depending on your lifestyle requirements. You could either choose to redeem your loyalty points as cashback or convert them to Skywards Miles. You can also keep a track of your earnings through the app.

IPO investments

Liv Bank was the very first digital bank to offer IPO investments to public through the Liv app. We have successfully hosted two such investments so far with many more to come. Customers can directly purchase these stocks from their Liv app from the comfort of their homes without the hassles of hefty paperwork and time-consuming bank visits.

Personalised lifestyle offers

The Liv app offers a plethora of deals and offers across shopping, food and entertainment, which customers can sieve based on their lifestyle choices. By simply choosing 4 categories (which can be changed at any point in time) the app will provide a list of the most relevant offers.

That’s not all; at Liv, we’re constantly tweaking and tuning to deliver an augmented digital banking experience through an ecosystem of products and services that will cater to the dynamic and growing needs and lifestyles of our customers.

If you haven’t started your digital banking journey yet, download the Liv app today and change the way you bank forever!

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