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Achieve Your Financial Goals with Liv’s Goal Account

Elevate Your Savings & Growth Potential With Liv Digital Bank

The key to optimising financial stability is maintaining a good balance of savings and investments that grow your money steadily. Choosing the right products is crucial in this regard, especially if you've just started. Liv's Goal Account and Money Ahead Deposit can prove to be building blocks in your financial journey.

Here's a look at what makes these offerings unique and lucrative:

Liv Goal Account

The Liv Goal Account makes saving easy and rewarding. Through its structured approach you can achieve both short-term and long-term financial goals with ease.  Here’s what makes it one-of-a-kind:

  • Automated deductions: Saving money can be challenging, especially when you have to make transfers manually. Liv Goal Account simplifies this process by allowing you to set up automatic transfers from your main Liv account. You can create as many Goals as you want. Once you've created a Goal, simply choose the amount and the saving rule, and you're all set.
  • Adjustable goals: The flexibility of tailoring your savings goals as per your preference is what truly sets the Goal Account apart. Whether you're saving for a house or an emergency fund, you can customize your goals to fit your needs anytime.
  • Real-time tracking: Staying motivated is crucial when working towards financial goals. With Liv's real-time tracking, you can monitor your progress effortlessly through the mobile app. Watching your savings grow can be a powerful motivator to stay committed to your goals.
  • Attractive returns: With the Liv Goal Account, your money is not sitting idle, rather growing over time. Offering up to 4% p.a. on your savings, this is one of the best savings accounts in UAE.

Liv Money Ahead Deposit

Liv Money Ahead Deposit, on the other hand, takes your financial planning a step further. This fixed-term deposit offers a secure and reliable way to grow your wealth. Here's how it can benefit you:

  • High yielding: Looking for fixed deposits with the best returns in UAE? The Liv Money Ahead Deposit offers up to 4% p.a. upfront, providing you a fast-track opportunity to grow your money.
  • Short term of investment: Liv understands that financial emergencies can often be sudden. Hence, we have created the Money Ahead Deposit for a term of only 120 days. This ensures you can maintain an investment-liquidity balance.
  • Low minimum investment: Probably the best feature of the Money Ahead Deposit is that you can begin with a small sum. Starting at just AED 10,000, this fixed deposit is for one and all.
  • No market risk: Unlike investments in the stock market, Liv Money Ahead Deposit doesn't expose your money to market fluctuations. Your principal amount is secure, and you know exactly how much you'll receive at maturity.
  • Financial peace of mind: It is comforting to know that you have a secure investment that’s consistently growing in value. Liv Money Ahead Deposit offers a dependable way to safeguard your financial future.

The Liv Ecosystem: Seamless Integration for Convenience

That said, what sets Liv apart is its ecosystem that seamlessly integrates these financial products into your daily life. Through the Liv app, you can access your Goal Account and Money Ahead Deposit and manage your finances on the go. The user-friendly interface provides you real-time updates and a holistic view of your financial portfolio in an instant, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Start early. Start smart. Find out more at: www.liv.me

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