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Emirates ID Guidelines

When logging in, you may be prompted to scan your valid Emirates ID. Alternatively, log in and go to Settings > Update your details > Emirates ID.

If you only have a digital Emirates ID uploaded in ICA, simply scan a printed picture of your Emirates ID card.
Note: Screenshots of Emirates ID cannot be uploaded in the app.

If your Emirates ID is under process, please wait till you get either a digital ID or physical card and upload it in the app by scanning the ID card.

In case you still need help, email us on Connect@liv.me

Click here to update your Emirates ID

The ABCs of banking with Liv!

We are increasing our interest rates to bring you more earnings than ever before.

Move your balances to a Liv Goal Account to get a better interest rate, as the primary account will no longer offer interest effective June 1, 2022.

These are the new interest rates that will be offered on your Goal Account:

Goal Account Balance (AED) (Ranges) Interest rates (Effective 31st March, 2023)
0 - 5K 0%
5 - 15K 0.5%
15- 30K 1%
30K - 50K 2%
50K - 500K 2%
500K - 2M 1.25%
2M+ 0.5%

For USD Accounts under Liv, the following interest rates will apply

Monthly Average Balance USD Account
Below USD 5,000 0%
USD 5,000 to 25,000 0.75%
USD 25,000 to 1,000,000 0.4%
Above USD 1,000,000 0.3%

  • You can open one main account for yourself, and as many Goal accounts as you like. We don’t currently offer supplementary cards, so encourage your loved ones to open a Liv account and enjoy all the benefits!
  • Pro tip: you can spend up to AED 25,000 on your debit card each day
  • Remember, your account will turn inactive if not used for 12 months. Simply top up to activate it.
  • We’re always running awesome campaigns & offers! Check out the Today page in your Liv app and follow us on Social Media to stay in the loop.

Cash & cheques … What do I need to know?

  • Withdraw up to AED 15,000 daily through ATM
  • Withdraw and deposit cash for free through any Emirates NBD & Emirates Islamic ATMs
  • Withdraw cash from any other ATM in UAE for AED 2, any ATM within GCC for AED 6 , or any ATM outside UAE & GCC for AED 20
  • If your Liv card is captured by an ATM, lock your card in your Settings page (tap ‘Lock’ on top right), then chat with us for help
  • If your cash deposit / withdrawal is delayed and you do not receive an SMS with a ticket # within 1 day, please chat with us.
  • We don’t offer cheque books, however you can deposit cheques into your Liv account through any Emirates NBD / Emirates Islamic Cash Deposit Machine.
Click here for all machine locations in UAE

What do I need to know about my PIN?

If you enter an incorrect PIN 3 times at a merchant, we’ll block your card for 24 hours for your safety. After 24 hours, your card will automatically be unblocked.

In case you enter an incorrect PIN at an ATM, your card will be captured & destroyed. Don’t worry! You can request a new card

To change your debit card PIN, go to ‘Settings’ and tap ‘Change card PIN

Click here to replace a card Click here to change your card pin

Transferring my salary to Liv

  • To transfer your salary to Liv, simply go to Settings > Transfer my salary to Liv This will generate an automatic email for you to send to your HR team, providing them with the necessary details.
  • If your salary is transferred to Liv, it will automatically be credited once your employer pays it. If your salary is delayed, please contact your employer.

How can I contact you? I want to talk to someone

We’re here for you! Chat with us 24/7 from Settings > Help Centre > Chat with us. Our super smart bot, Olivia, will do her best to help you – and if she can’t, our human team will.

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